The Founders of Playa de La Paz, Jeffrey Curtiss, Jeffrey Hecktman and John Hargreaves are three highly successful entrepreneurs, each having made their fortunes in different business endeavors. Jeffrey Curtiss earned his fortune in the business of international trade and distribution.  From the most humble beginnings, he developed a business which was subsequently floated on the London Stock Exchange in 1997. Jeffrey Hecktman’s career has been focused on international banking, finance and acquisition. John Hargreaves, also self-made, today leads a group that has become one of the UK´s largest and most successful retailers.

All three men have enjoyed a deep friendship going back many years through which they formed a strong bond based on trust, reliability and a commitment to traditional values.  The Founders have an enormous amount of experience in global construction having been involved in many projects around the globe including the UK, France, Cyprus, Russia, Hungary, Barbados and now Baja California Sur, Mexico. Each shares a great passion for creating all that is beautiful within residential and commercial development. They have, unquestionably, the vision, passion and commitment to make each of their projects a success.

Playa de La Paz is the signature resort development for these three men. Their vision is to create a “paradise lifestyle”, encompassing all of the amenities and experiences that one would expect from a world-class resort development. To meet their stringent design criteria, Guadalajara-based architect Geraldo Ulate and his skilled team were selected. To  deliver world-class construction and engineering expertise, Les Zwaryck of Newtek in La Paz was brought in to build the project. Together, these two firms are delivering on their promise to provide the lucky few discriminating owners a brand new level of quality and luxury never before seen in La Paz. Over the past three decades, Ulate, Zwaryck and their teams have established their reputations with the qualities the founders of Playa de La Paz value most: passion, vision, commitment and sensitivity to our natural world.

Jeffrey Curtiss currently lives full-time in Baja, with homes in La Paz and Todo Santos.  The Founders have formed United Investments, S.A. de C.V., a Mexican corporation that manages their activities in Mexico.